Been on bed days now,

A lot making rounds you do not know,

And to pain you will not bow,

Here it’s us hoping,

Hoping of a lasting healing,

The pain ceding, and you smiling,

With every sign of good progress,

Absolute of any hint of stress,

So every day you will gain strength,

And we will go to any length,,

Your will to be well will yield,

Happiness will be your shield,

You are ill, but that is never still,

With the magnitude, you will get up the hill,

The best healer is a great cheer,

Your demeanor is not sheer,

Little flowers lying in gloom,

Days are due and all shall bloom,

And you shall rise and be steady,

They will sway with the breeze,

This way ,that way,

From morning to dusk,

Get well soon mum.






Piercing pangs of pain,

Struggles, turns, torture in refrain,

And in this, hope..

A blossoming heart holding on ,

A cheerful spirit never marooned,

The pride of a daughter for her mum,

That unceasing support , forever assured,

Like a long dumb journey,

 A bumpy ride and no fun,

And cloudy days with no sun,

To an end ,all shall come,

And bubbling brilliance will be the trademark,

chuckles, and tones of laughter, an absolute spark,

Mummy’s big smile will never break,

And ye..eees! Her golden happiness will last,

In all this, a means for a blast,

You will walk again,

And all your efforts won’t be in vain,

The excruciating pain will vaporize,

Then it will be merry from nightfall to sunrise,

Like eternity, shades of joy will be like morning daisies,

With unending warm days and blue skies,













I lay over  the green grass,

Stroll past the dusty pavements,

Time out… by the alleys coming home thinking,

Speeding through hallways,

I look over the blue skies,

I dream in the middle of the night,

Every time at ease,  i think about my dreams,

And they call it fantasy,

I sit in the halls ,

I scratch my head,clear my throat and head-up,

Long as my soul lives long,

I shall one day hold the blades,

They ask me,” why?”

They tell,” me look here..”

I am absolute of regrets,

I am never hearing their subtractions,

I am always looking at it at a panoramic dimension,

Yeeees….am ambitious of being in theater,

After all those years,

Pursuing what never satisfied my desires,

Moving like a robot,lifeless…

Doing it without feelings,

Living out of touch,

And i want to get off this comfort zone,

And my refrain is hope, a high tone,

And the heart yearns…

My passion equals to double energy,

Yet my struggle is not yielding much..

Writing mails, appearing against boards,

Luring potential minds to make me their own,

Yet all has been forthcoming,

Write off thoughts me stopping,

I am bracing for this challenge,

And i am not getting any faint,

I am forever getting protective,

Ask me which spirit it is…

Life is making me a fighter,

Naturally i am  in the wilderness poaching a lifetime fortune,

Bruises here, i got jungle juice…

Call it unquenchable thirst,

That one water is never taking away,

My heart has loved,

And my inspiration has hit point high,

Looking at what motivation underlies all these,

A few instances in the operating room, the few blessing words,

“Mungu awabariki”

Women and blessings,

I want to give my hands and mind,

I want to learn the practice by heart,

And in tou i see a flicker,

That flicker at the end of the tunnel,

It’s not the pendolino train coming,

And i know my big day is coming,

It’s coming with great hope,

It’s coming after many days of burning desire..

And i want to live all my life there,

Rubbing tears of and making dull faces shine,

By God i shall always look up,

And I know that you are with me in this,

Moving from strength,

I want to make it my princess.






crickets metal and gristle,

midnight is here,

am out and i don’t fear,

i got no look on the rear,

its gonna turn brighter and not bleak,

am well aware it’s ain’t any near,

stride, stride, stride,

it’s this migraine,causing uneasiness on the beds comfy,

nothing can sooth me now,

not methol,not mint,cross alcohol,

Untie me up,cut the chains,free me from the web,
am not convicted,

why have you let it single handedly on me!

and i feel my blood run,

and no joke is fun!

pressure has soared ,it’s not getting any better,

no midnight nurse for a massage,

it all seems a baggage,

where can my solace outpour from?

take my ink and paper,write a few lines tonight,

a craft of artistry so mighty,

drop it down,its clearing away my frown,

its all going,

to my cabinet,i pick this gown,

its damp and i need something to light me up,

that crashing pain is off,

no more sobs,

i run through my quick sonnets,

am finding it more fulfilling,

did’nt it carry me away to my world,

is’nt the pain now scold?

perhaps i should thrust more weight on it,

am finding it keeping me fit,and at my comfort,

And in the longrun not so thrifty..

What this streaming play .